The simplest, fastest most cost effective way to reach out to your target audience anywhere in India! Our voice broadcasting service allows you to send pre-recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of mobile and landline phones with ease while managing the entire process right from the Web. It is a new kind of a services by which we can reach many people’s across the country.


  • Fast and Reliable Delivery.

  • Support for National Do Not Call Registry Filtering.

  • Automatic re-dial of unsuccessful calls.

  • Scheduling of Call.

  • Low Per Call Fee [Pay per use]. No Hidden Costs/Setup Fees/Monthly charges.

  • Easy recording options for Voice Message.

  • No software to buy or download.

  • PAN India Coverage (We support All Mobile and Landline Phones).

  • Service Uses:

  • Alerts, Reminders, Notifications, Announcements.

  • Political and Social Campaigns.

  • Business Promotions and Marketing Campaigns.

  • School, College and Educational Institute Notifications.

  • Product and Service Updates.


    Short codes are 5 digit numbers, to which mobile users can send text messages, regardless of their Telecom service provider and get the desired response instantaneously. Short codes are designed and developed in order to perform as a single solution for various requirements. Industries like media, hospitality and retail have highly been dominated by short code messaging service. It has been the backbone structure of various contests on television and several controversial polls on news channels, making sure that your opinion counts. Short code users can assign special keywords of their choice (depending upon the availability), so that their messages can be well-identified. Being a 5 digit number, short codes are easy to remember and user-friendly when it comes to utilization of these codes to avail services. In this modern era where mobile phones have emerged as an interactive information portal, short codes play a key role in making the desired information or service available to you within seconds on your mobile phone. By sending a few words on the 5 digit number, this innovative solution guarantees to keep you updated and connected with the world 24/7. From managing your schedule to keeping yourself entertained, SMS short codes is one solution which creates wonders for you on your mobile phone hence sculpting a joyous and systematic life for you.

    There are several functions which short codes are designed for:

  • To express interest in a promotional offer.

  • Request for more information.

  • Call back request.

  • Mobile coupons and discount offers.

  • Donation to charity by sending an SMS.

  • Voting for a TV contest.

  • Registering views and opinions for a controversial debate.

  • Receive a link to a mobile website.

  • Intimation about transaction and delivery procedure.


    *Get your customer feedback / complaints live on your mobile!

    Long codes, also known as 10 digit virtual numbers are basic cellular numbers, highly productive to engage the user into a rapid and cost-effective multi directional communication. These 10 digit numbers are accessible globally and not just restricted within the networks in India. Moreover, long codes are charged as per the regular SMS rates of the user unlike short codes which are priced at a premium rate.

    Sunshine Group provides special long code numbers to organizations as per their requirement and offers superior network connectivity due which overseas messages are delivered in a jiffy. Inexpensive SMS rates encourage communication there by promoting delivery and interpretation of clear messages without any confusion or chaos.

    A crystal clear conversation is possible only when several questions are answered efficiently. Therefore long code is an apt solution to strike a two way communication with existing customers hence resolving their queries and even intimating them about any technological updates from the company end.

    If any customer wants to give feedback or complaint, just need to type your unique keyword, space and message to be send to 8008002311, and the Sender (customer) will get auto reply message. If required with compliant token code.

    *Let your customers know your business Info on Demand!

    If your customers send your unique keyword to 8008002311, you can make available to them about your business information like, Office / store address with contact information, email address etc., landmarks, directions, location map, OR Products / service details, pricelist, offers, menu list, latest arrivals, lead generation OR Website / wap links, video, photo , digital broacher download links etc

    There are several solutions which long code provides:

  • Internal communication with sales team and other departments.

  • Detailed query solving if existing customers.

  • Inexpensive Global multi- directional communication.

  • Updates on offers and discounts.

  • Service / Business Requests.


    Sunshine Group Long codes are:

  • For SMS Enquiries type SUNSHINESMS to 8008002311
  • For Email Enquiries type SUNSHINEEMAIL to 8008002311
  • For Voice Calls Enquiries type SUNSHINEVOICE to 8008002311
  • For Website Enquiries type SUNSHINEWEBSITE to 8008002311
  • For Hr Services Enquiries type SUNSHINEHR to 8008002311
  • Contact us

    Mobile No: +91-9989577057

    Phone No: 040-60020600

    Email Id: info@sunshinesolutions.in